ZX Spectrum ULA connector

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Can be found at Sinclair ZX Spectrum´s, I think

UNKNOWN connector  at the computer

4/WEWrite Enable
5A0Address 0
6A1Address 1
7A2Address 2
8A3Address 3
9A4Address 4
10A5Address 5
11A6Address 6
13+5V+5 VDC (One of the +5V is decoupled through a RC-low-pass.)
14+5V+5 VDC (One of the +5V is decoupled through a RC-low-pass.)
15UColor-difference signals.
16VColor-difference signals.
17/YInverted Video+Sync.
18D0Data 0
19T0Keyboard Data 0
20T1Keyboard Data 1
21D1Data 1
22D2Data 2
23T2Keyboard Data 2
24T3Keyboard Data 3
25D3Data 3
26T4Keyboard Data 4
27D4Data 4
28SOUNDAnalog-I/O-line for beep, save and load.
29D5Data 5
30D6Data 6
31D7Data 7
32CLOCKThe clock-source to the CPU including the inhibited T-states.
33/IO-ULA(A0(CPU) OR /IORQ) for the I/O-port FEh
34/ROM CSROM ChipSelect
35/RASRow Address Strobe
36A14Address 14
37A15Address 15
39QThe 14 MHz crystal. Other side grounded through capacitor.

ZX Spectrum AY-3-8912 connector