SUN Keyboard/Mouse Connector

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Available on newer SUN machines (3/80 and Sparcs)

8 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

8 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE connector  at the computer

3VCC-->Power , +5 VDC
4Mouse In<--Mouse In
5Keyboard Out-->Keyboard Out
6Keyboard In<--Keyboard In
7Power On<--Power On (Configurable as Mouse Out on 3/80, 4300, 4400 and 600MP CPUs!)
8VCC-->Power, +5 VDC
Note: Direction is Computer relative Keyboard/Mouse.

SUN Sparcstation 4, 5, 10, 20, LX, Classic, Classic X, Ultra Enterprise 450 Serial Port connector

SUN Keyboard/Mouse Connector (old)