SNES Video connector


Available on the Nintendo SNES

12 pin SNES edge special connector pin-out & layout

12 pin SNES edge special connector  at the SNES

1RRed (Requires 200 uF in series)
2GGreen (Requires 200 uF in series)
3CSYNCComposite Sync
4BBlue (Requires 200 uF in series)
7YS-Video Y
8CS-Video C
9CVBSComposite Video (NTSC)
10+5V+5 VDC
11L+RLeft+Right Audio (Mono)
12L-RLeft-Right Audio (Used to calculate Stereo)
SNES does have RGB capability. For example it"s possible to get a stable raster on NEC MultiSync "classic" using the RGB and sync pins. However, the video levels are not RS-170 compatible. The DC offset needs to be filtered out with some large capacitors and the peak-to-peak video amplitude may need to be reduced to 0.7v by using a lower load impedance than 75 ohms. The Y/C (S-VHS) signals *appear* to be directly usable.

SNES Cartridge connector

SNES2 Video connector