Siemens A35, A36, A40, C25, C35, C45, M35, M35i, M50, ME45, MT50, S25, S35, S45, SL-42, SL45, 3118 mobile phones connector


Applicable to A/C/S/M/SL 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, x25, x35, 3508, s2588? Full pinout.

12 pin Siemens Lumberg mobile special connector pin-out & layout

12 pin Siemens Lumberg mobile special connector  at the mobile phone

2SELF-SERVICEin/outRecognition/control battery charger
3LOADinCharging voltage
4BATTERYoutBattery (S25 only)
5DATA OUT (TX)outData sent
6DATA IN (RX)inData received
7Z_CLK-Clock line for accessory bus. Use as DTC In data operation
8Z_DATA-Data line for accessory bus. Use as CTS in data operation
9MICG-Ground for microphone
10MICinMicrophone input
12AUDG-Ground for external speaker

Sharp GX15, GX30, GX30i, GX32, TM100 mobile phone connector

Siemens C30, M30 mobile phones connector