Samsung E700, E710, E715, S500, X100, X600, E100, E330, E800, E820, X450, X460 mobile phones connector


full pinout.

18 pin Samsung mobile special connector pin-out & layout

18 pin Samsung mobile special connector  at the cellular phone (keyboard up)

X100 full pinout (signals other than TX/RX/GND/VBat may be slightly different in other models):

1,2V_EXT_CHARGEcharge input
3AUX_SPKhandsfree speaker out
4TXD1serial 2 out for debugging purposes
5+Vbataccumulator out
7REC01power on/off scheme input
9RXD1serial 2 in for debugging purposes
10AUX_MIChandsfree mic in
12CHARGER_OKpower on/off and charging control
13JIG_RECpower on/off scheme control
14CTSserial 1 CTS
15RTSserial 1 RTS
16RxDserial 1in used for data/ flash cable
17TxDserial 1 out used for data/ flash cable
18+Vbataccumulator out

Sagem My-C2 mobile phones connector

Samsung N191, N182 mobile phones connector