S-Video connector

4 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

4 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE connector  at the peripheral

S-video sends video signals over a multi-wire cable, dividing the video information into two separate [75 ohm coax or twisted pair cables] signals: one for luminance (Light) “Y” and one for chrominance (Color) “C”. Each signal is sent shielded, inclosed in a 4-pin Mini-DIN. S-Video is synonymous with Y/C “Component” video. “S-video is a consumer form of component video used primarily with Hi8 and S-VHS”.

1GNDGround (Y)
2GNDGround (C)
3YIntensity (Luminance)
4CColor (Chrominance)

Philips V2020/1/2/3 VCRs AV conector

SCART (Peritel; Euroconnector)