Philips V2020/1/2/3 VCRs AV conector


The Philips VCRs, V2020, V2021, V2022 & V2023 have a 20-pin A/V connector through which all signals must be connected. Philips provided a breakout box " The 22AV5530” for this purpose.

20 pin Philips A/V special connector pin-out & layout

20 pin Philips A/V special connector  at the Philips VCR

The circuitary in the 22AV5530 is quite complex and provides switching functions not included in the VCRs. It provides interface not only to audio and composite video input and output signals but serial control data intended for interface to Philips camera units.
f you wish to get External Video in to a V2020/1/2/3 then the signal needs to be amplifed and fed to Pin 17. Similarly Video Output from Pin 18 needs to be buffered before it can drive a 75 ohm line.

1External Audio Input.
2Audio Output. Internal feed to UHF Modulator.
3+12Vd.c. Output.
4Test Point for Bias adjustment
5Camera Remote Out
6External ON (XON): Goes High when channel "00" is selected.
7Remote in. (Data via Camera)
8Voltage Actuator Added.
9Head to Frame Added Pulse.
10Ground for Head Frame Added.
11Muting: Low is no signal applied.
12NOT REC: Goes low in Record mode,
13Mute All: Goes low when External Video In is selected.
14Mute Sound: Goes Low when External Audio In is selected.
15Playback envelope track sensing. (Envelope Curve)
16Ground for Pin 15.
17External Video Input.
18External Video Output.
19NOT PB. Goes low in Playback mode.
20Ground for Pin 1.

PC-Engine Cartridge connector

S-Video connector