Keyboard PS/2 connector

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6 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE (PS/2 STYLE) connector pin-out & layout

6 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE (PS/2 STYLE) connector  at the computer

1DATA<->Key Data
2n/c-Not connected
4VCC-->Power , +5 VDC
6n/c-Not connected
The keyboard and auxiliary device signals are driven by open-collector drivers pulled to 5Vdc through a pull-up resistor. Sink current Max: 20mA ;Hi-level output V Min 5.0 Vdc minus pull-up ;Low-level Output v Max 0.5 Vdc; High-level input v Min 2.0 Vdc; Low-level input v Max 0.8 Vdc. Note: Direction is Computer relative Keyboard.

Keyboard (XT) connector

Macintosh Keyboard connector