HP iPaq 22 pin connector


used in 38 model and newer?

22 pin MALE Himalaya special connector pin-out & layout

22 pin MALE Himalaya special connector  at the PDA (keypad up)

5Reserved Do Not Use 
6DCD RS-232 Data Carry Detect 
7RXD RS-232 Receive Data 
8TXD RS-232 Transmit Data 
9DTR RS-232 Data Terminal Ready 
10,15,22GND Ground 
11DSR RS-232 Data Set Ready 
12RTS RS-232 Request To Send  
13CTS RS-232 Clear To Send  
14RING RS-232 Ring 
16,18,20N.C. Do Not Use 
17USB Detect Detect 
19UDC+ USB positive data signal 
21UDC- USB negative data signal 

HP iPAQ 19/22/39/54/5500 connector

HP iPAQ 31/36/3700 connector