Ethernet 1000Base-T (Gigabit ethernet)

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1000 Base-T uses all pairs for bidirectional traffic in the RJ45 connector. cables used should be of Category 5e(nhanced), even though Category 5 cables usually works too.

8 pin RJ45 FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

8 pin RJ45 FEMALE connector  at the network interface cards/hubs

1BI_DA+Bi-directional pair A +
2BI_DA-Bi-directional pair A -
3BI_DB+Bi-directional pair B +
4BI_DC+Bi-directional pair C +
5BI_DC-Bi-directional pair C -
6BI_DB-Bi-directional pair B -
7BI_DD+Bi-directional pair D +
8BI_DD-Bi-directional pair D -

Ethernet 10/100Base-T connector

Ethernet 100Base-T4 connector