EIA-449 (RS-449) Secondary connector

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Common names: EIA-449, RS-449, ISO 4902. Secondary (auxilary) channel

9 pin D-SUB MALE connector pin-out & layout

9 pin D-SUB MALE connector  at the computer

1 n/a101---Shield
2SSRSRR122<--Secondary Receiver Ready
3SSDSSD118-->Secondary Send Data
4SRDSRD119<--Secondary Receive Data
5SGSG102---Signal Ground
6RCRC102b---Receive Common
7SRSSRS120-->Secondary Request To Send
8SCSSCS121<--Secondary Clear To Send
9SCSC102a---Send Common
Note: Direction is DTE (Computer) relative DCE (Modem).
Note: RS232 column is RS232 circuit name.
Note: V.24 column is ITU-TSS V.24 circuit name.

EIA-449 (RS-449) interface

EIA530 (RS530) interface