DEC VSXXX-AA/-GA mouse and VSXXX-AB digitizer

#Computer#Input Peripherals

for DEC serial mouse and digitizer tablet

7 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE (key in the center) connector pin-out & layout

7 pin MINI-DIN FEMALE (key in the center) connector  at the DEC VAXstations, DECstations and DEC´s input adaptor cables

DEC VAXstations, DECstations and DEC"s input adaptor cables
1GNDCommon Ground
2RxDReceive Data
3TxDTransmit Data
4-12V-12V power supply
5+5B+5V power supply
6+12V+12V power supply
7device available-?-The device shorts this pin to GND to let the host computer notice a plugged-in device

DEC Printer connector

ECP Parallel connector (IEEE-1284A)