Centronics printer connector

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One of the most used printer interfaces, since every Intel/DOS/Windows based Personal Computer today has a Sub-D25 female connector which is called LPT1, printer-side connector

36 pin CENTRONICS FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

36 pin CENTRONICS FEMALE connector  at the printer

2D0<->Data Bit 0
3D1<->Data Bit 1
4D2<->Data Bit 2
5D3<->Data Bit 3
6D4<->Data Bit 4
7D5<->Data Bit 5
8D6<->Data Bit 6
9D7<->Data Bit 7
12POUT-->Paper Out
15n/c-Not used
160 V---Logic Ground
17CHASSIS GND---Shield Ground
18+5 V PULLUP-->+5 V DC (50 mA max)
19GND---Signal Ground (Strobe Ground)
20GND---Signal Ground (Data 0 Ground)
21GND---Signal Ground (Data 1 Ground)
22GND---Signal Ground (Data 2 Ground)
23GND---Signal Ground (Data 3 Ground)
24GND---Signal Ground (Data 4 Ground)
25GND---Signal Ground (Data 5 Ground)
26GND---Signal Ground (Data 6 Ground)
27GND---Signal Ground (Data 7 Ground)
28GND---Signal Ground (Acknowledge Ground)
29GND---Signal Ground (Busy Ground)
30/GNDRESET---Reset Ground
32/FAULT-->Fault (Low when offline)
330 V---Signal Ground
34n/c-Not used
35+5 V-->+5 V DC
36/SLCT IN<--Select In (Taking low or high sets printer on line or off line respectively)
Functional Description
STROBE:Active low pulse used to transfer data into the printer.Pulse with must be between 0.5 and 500 microseconds for most printers.
Dn:Data lines, high is a one. 
ACK:Active low pulse indicates that data has been received and the printer is ready to accept more. 
BUSY:A high signal indicates that the printer cannot receive data. 
PE:A high signal indicates that the printer is out of paper (Paper End) 
SELECT OUT:A high signal indicates that the printer is on-line 
AUTO FEED:A low signal indicates to the printer that a line feed is required after each Carriage return.This signal is used as a ground line by some manufacturers.
OSCXT:A 100-200 KHz signal used by true Centronics printers only. 
+5V:+5VdcNot provided by all manufacturers
PRIME:A low signal resets the printer to its power-up state and the printer buffer is cleared 
FAULT:A low signal indicates that the printer is in an off-line or error state 
LINE COUNT:Used by true Centronics printers only.Most of the time not used
SELECT IN:A high signal indicates to the printer that a DC1/ DC3 code is valid.This signal is used by a few manufacturers
Note: Direction is Printer relative Computer.

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