C64 RS232 User Port connector

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Available on the Commodore C64/C128. Software emulated.The signals does not have true RS232 levels. It´s TTL level, and RXD/TXD is inverted. It´s just the normal User Port, used as a RS232 port.

UNKNOWN connector  at the computer

AGNDGNDProtective Ground
B+CFLAG2+PB0RxDReceive Data (Must be applied to both pins!)
DPB1RTSReady To Send
EPB2DTRData Terminal Ready
FPB3RIRing Indicator
HPB4DCDData Carrier Detect
KPB6CTSClear To Send
LPB7DSRData Set Ready
MPA2TxDTransmit Data
NGNDGNDSignal Ground

C64 Control Port connector

C64 Serial I/O connector