C16/+4 Expansion Bus connector

#Computer#Misc motherboard connectors

Available on Commodore C16, C116 and +4 computers

50 pin FEMALE EDGE (2 mm pitch) connector at the computer

2+5V+5 VDC
3+5V+5 VDC
5R/WRead/Write (1=Read, 0=Write)
6C1HIGHExternal Cartridge Chip Selects C1 High
7C2LOWExternal Cartridge Chip Selects C2 Low (reserved)
8C2HIGHExternal Cartridge Chip Selects C2 High (reserved)
9/CS1Chip Select Line 1
10/CS0Chip Select Line 0
11/CASColumn Address Strobe
12MUXDRAM address multiplex control signal
13BABus Available (Low=DMA)
14D7Data 7
15D6Data 6
16D5Data 5
17D4Data 4
18D3Data 3
19D2Data 2
20D1Data 1
21D0Data 0
22AECAddress Enable Code
23EAIExternal Audio In
24PHI 2Artificial Phi 2 signal
BC1LOWExternal Cartridge Chip Selects C1 Low
D/RASRow Address Strobe
EPHI 0Artificial Phi 0 Signal
FA15Address 15
HA14Address 14
JA13Address 13
KA12Address 12
LA11Address 11
MA10Address 10
NA9Address 9
PA8Address 8
RA7Address 7
SA6Address 6
TA5Address 5
UA4Address 4
VA3Address 3
WA2Address 2
XA1Address 1
YA0Address 0
Zn/cNot connected
AAn/cNot connected
BBn/cNot connected
PHI 2: Address valid on the rising edge, data valid on the falling edge

C128 Expansion Bus connector

C64 Cartridge Expansion connector