Ask impression A6+ projector


vga out, vga in, audio in, video in, svideo in

Connector is 26 pin D-SUB MALE, similar to 15pin vga

26 pin, similar to 15pin vga
1vga Red inVGA male 1
2vga Green inVGA male 2
3vga Blue inVGA male 3
4CompositeComposite video input (RCA female)
5SC inSvideo C (female, 4 pin)
6SY inSVideo Y (female, 3 pin)
7vga Red outVGA female pin 1
8vga Green outVGA female pin 2
9vga Blue outVGA female pin 3
10GND Red in
11GND Green in
12GND Blue in
13Left audioRCA female white
14Right audio

3.5 mm or 6.25 mm Mono Telephone plug

Betamax VCR Charger