Apple serial NB card connector

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62-pin DB male connector used

Pin Signal Description 1 +CA1F X.21 control, +CHA1, output 2 232TXDA1 Transmit data, CHA1, RS-232, output 3 -CA1F X.21 control, -CHA1, output 4 1RTSA Ready To Send, CHA1, RS-232, output 5 1CTSA Clear To Send, CHA1, RS-232, input 6 +CB1F X.21 control, +CHB1, output 7 232TXDB1 Transmit data, CHB1, RS-232, output 8 -CB1F X.21 control, -CHB1, output 9 1RTSB Ready To Send, CHB1, RS-232, output 10 1CTSB Clear To Send, CHB1, RS-232, input 11 +1B1 X.21 indication, +CHB1, input 12 232TXDA2 Transmit data, CHA2, RS-232, output 13 2RXDA Receive data, CHA2, RS-232, input 14 2RTSA Ready To Send, CHA2, RS-232, output 15 2CTSA Clear To Send, CHA2, RS-232, input 16 +IA1 X.21 indication, +CHA1, input 17 232TXDB2 Transmit data, CHB2, RS-232, output 18 2RXDB Receive data, CHB2, RS-232, input 19 2RTSB Ready To Send, CHB2, RS-232, output 20 2CTSB Clear To Send, CHB2, RS-232, input 21 +422TXCA1 +Transmit clock, CHA1, RS-422, input 22 -422TXCA1 -Transmit clock, CHA1, RS-422, input 23 +422RXDA1 +Receive data, CHA1, RS-422, input 24 -422RXDA1 -Receive data, CHA1, RS-422, input 25 +422RXCA1 +Receive clock, CHA1, RS-422, input 26 -422RXCA1 -Receive clock, CHA1, RS-422, input 27 +422TXDA1 +Transmit data, CHA1, RS-422, output 28 -422TXDA1 -Transmit data, CHA1, RS-422, output Ports and Pinouts Apple Serial NB Card - 36 29 +422TXCB1 +Transmit clock, CHB1, RS-422, input 30 -422TXCB1 -Transmit clock, CHB1, RS-422, input 31 +422RXDB1 +Receive data, CHB1, RS-422, input 32 -422RXDB1 -Receive data, CHB1, RS-422, input 33 +422RXCB1 +Receive clock, CHB1, RS-422, input 34 -422RXCB1 -Receive clock, CHB1, RS-422, input 35 +422TXDB1 +Transmit data, CHB1, RS-422, output 36 -422TXDB1 -Transmit data, CHB1, RS-422, output 37 GND_6 Extra ground 38 2TXCA Transmit clock, CHA2, RS-232, input 39 2RXCA Receive clock, CHA2, RS-232, input 40 2RXCB Receive clock, CHB2, RS-232, input 41 GND_5 Extra ground 42 2TXCB Transmit clock, CHB2, RS-232, input 43 1DSRA Data Set Ready, CHA1, RS-232, input 44 1DCDA/-IA1 Data Carrier Detect, RS-232/X.21 indication, -CHA1, input 45 1DTRA Data Terminal Ready, CHA1, RS-232, output 46 1RIA Ring Indicator, CHA1, RS-232, input 47 GND_4 CHB2 ground 48 1DSRB Data Set Ready, CHB1, RS-232, input 49 1DCDB/-IB1 Data Carrier Detect, RS-232/X.21 indication, -CHB1, input 50 1DTRB Data Terminal Ready, CHB1, RS-232, output 51 1RIB Ring Indicator, CHB1, RS-232, input 52 GND_3 CHA2 ground 53 2DSRA Data Set Ready, CHA2, RS-232, input 54 2DCDA Data Carrier Detect, CHA2, RS-232, input 55 2DTRA Data Terminal Ready, CHA2, RS-232, output 56 2RIA Ring Indicator, CHA2, RS-232, input 57 GND_2 CHB1 ground Pin Signal Name Signal Description Ports and Pinouts Apple Serial NB Card - 37 58 2DSRB Data Set Ready, CHB2, RS-232, input 59 2DCDB Data Carrier Detect, CHB2, RS-232, input 60 2DTRB Data Terminal Ready, CHB2, RS-232, output 61 2RIB Ring Indicator, CHB2, RS-232, input 62 GND_1 CHA1 ground

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