Apple Macintosh Serial connector

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This connector is present on Macintosh 128K, 512K, and 512K enhanced.

9 pin D-SUB FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

9 pin D-SUB FEMALE connector  at the computer

2+5V-->+5 VDC. Don"t use this one, it may be converted into output handshake in later equipment.
4Tx+-->Transmit Data, positive going component
5Tx--->Transmit Data, negative going component
6+12V-->+12 VDC
7DSR/HSK<--Handshake input. Signal name depends on mode: Used for Flow Control or Clock In.
8Rx+<--Receive Data, positive going component
9Rx-<--Receive Data, negative going component
a. When connecting to an RS-232 device, use HSKi with data set ready (DSR) or other handshaking signals, depending on the device to be connected.
b.When connecting to an RS-232 device, connect pin 8 to pin 3 (ground). Note: Direction is Computer relative Equipment.

Apple Macintosh RS-422 connector

Apple Macintosh XL Serial A connector