Apple Macintosh portable external video connector

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15 pin HIGHDENSITY D-SUB FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

15 pin HIGHDENSITY D-SUB FEMALE connector  at the computer

1FPDATA(0) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 0) 
2FPDATA(1) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 1) 
3+5V +5 volts DC 
4FPDATA (2) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 2) 
5FPDATA(3) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 3) 
6FPDATA(4) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 4) 
7GND Ground 
8+5V +5 volts DC 
9GND Ground 
10FPDATA(5) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 5) 
11FPDATA(6) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 6) 
12FPDATA(7) Flat-panel display data bus (bit 7) 
13BATTVOLTAGE Direct connect to main battery 
14FLM Flat-panel new frame sync 
15CL2/ Flat-panel display data clock 

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