Apple Macintosh II video connector

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for the Macintosh II Video Card (4- and 8-bit) and Monochrome Video Card (1-bit)

15 pin D-SUB MALE connector pin-out & layout

15 pin D-SUB MALE connector  at the Apple videocard cable, looking into cable-side connector

1RED.GND Red video ground 
2RED.VID Analog Red video 
3CSYNC/ Composite sync 
4SYNC.GND Sync signal ground 
5GRN.VID Analog Green video 
6GRN.GND Green video ground 
7N/C No connection 
8N/C No connection 
9BLU.VID Analog Blue video 
10N/C No connection 
11N/C No connection 
12N/C No connection 
13BLU.GND Blue signal ground 
14N/C No connection 
15N/C No connection 
shield Shield ground 

Apple Macintosh External Video connector

Apple Macintosh II Videocard connector