Apple iPOD connector

30 pin iPOD special connector pin-out & layout

30 pin iPOD special connector  at the player ( white side up)

2GNDAudio ground
3RightAudio right channel
4LeftAudio Left channel
12Txipod sending line
13Rxipod receiving line
11, 21Serial enableshort pin 11 to GND (pin 30) and connect pin 21 by 500 KOhm resistor to GND in order to enable serial communications
19,20+12VCharging input
The remote control is using 19200 baud 8N+1 (one startbit 8 data bits 1 Stopbit) with a delay of 12 microseconds between end of the stopbit and the beginning of the next startbit. But it is also working without this delay.
Electrical: high +3,3V low 0V
default line state: high

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