Apple Duo Dock Modem Adapter Card connector

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10 pin unknown connector

1LINET/RLine/talk receive
2DAA GNDModem DAA ground
3DAA GNDModem DAA ground
4DAA GNDModem DAA ground
5/RA DVRModem relay A driver
6DAA ID INID input
7/RING3 DETRing detect signal
8/RBDVRModem relay B driver
9DAA CNTLModem DAA control
10+5 V MODEM+5 V power

When the PowerBook Duo computer is housed in the Duo Dock, you cannot access the integral modem via the RJ-11 connector on the PowerBook Duo's rear panel. A modem adapter card provides the connection. It plugs into the side of the Duo Dock's main logic board, using a 10-pin header connector. The card supplies the RJ-11 hook up, which is accessed on the rear panel of the Duo Dock. The adapter card interfaces with the modem card in the PowerBook Duo computer via its 10-pin connector, printed circuit traces, and the 152-pin expansion connector.

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