Apple 14 pin video connector

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All Apple-manufactured Macintosh monitors except the 21-inch Color Display and Two-Page Monochrome Monitor are supported.

14 pin Apple PowerBook video connector pin-out & layout

14 pin Apple PowerBook video connector  at the Apple computer, looking into cable-side connector

1RED.VID Red video 
2RED.GND Red video ground 
3MON.ID1 Monitor ID, bit 1 
4VSYNC/ Vertical sync 
5CSYNC/ Composite sync 
6C&VSYNC.GND Composite and vertical sync ground 
7GRN.GND Green video ground 
8GRN.VID Green video 
9MON.ID2 Monitor ID, bit 2 
10HSYNC.GND Horizontal sync ground 
11MON.ID3 Monitor ID, bit 3 
12HSYNC/ Horizontal sync 
13BLU.VID Blue video 
14BLU GND Blue video ground 
shellCHASSIS GND Chassis ground 

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