ADC (Apple Digital) video connector

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35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" FEMALE connector pin-out & layout

35 pin MOLEX "MicroCross" FEMALE connector  at the Apple computer

An ADC display accepts only digital input signals. As such, the appropriate connector can only be used with a graphics card which provides digital output. This connector does not support connections from graphics adapters providing Analog-only (VGA) output.

A monitor using an ADC connector can be directly connected to a graphics card which provides an ADC output. Additionally, an ADC monitor may be connected to a graphics card providing a DVI-I or DVI-D output when used with a third party adapter. DVI to ADC adapters should be available directly from Apple or from most local Apple-Authorized Dealers.

125V Supply16T.M.D.S. Data1/3 Shield
225V Supply17T.M.D.S. Data3-
3LED18T.M.D.S. Data3+
4T.M.D.S. Data0-19DDC Clock
5T.M.D.S. Data0+20Clock Return
6T.M.D.S. Data0/5 Shield21USB Data+
7T.M.D.S. Data5-22USB Data-
8T.M.D.S. Data5+23USB Return
9DDC Data24T.M.D.S. Data2-
10Vertical Sync25T.M.D.S. Data2+
1125V Return26T.M.D.S. Data2/4 Shield
1225V Return27T.M.D.S. Data4-
 13Soft Power 28T.M.D.S. Data4+
 14T.M.D.S. Data1- 29Clock+
 15T.M.D.S. Data1+ 30Clock-
MicroCross Pins
C1Analog Blue Video
C2Analog Green Video
C3Analog Horizontal Sync
C4Analog Red Video
C5Analog RGB Return and
DDC Return
DDC = Display Data Channel. T.M.D.S. = Transition Minimized Differential Signal. USB = Universal Serial Bus

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