Sega Dreamcast A/V pinout

x pins UNKNOWN connector layout
x pins UNKNOWN connector

Pinout compatibility: Sega Dreamcast

Looking at the back panel of the Dreamcast, the pins are numbered from left to right.

Pin Description
1 Ground
2 Right Audio
3 Left Audio
4 +12v
5 +5v
6 selects horizontal scan: Grounded = 31KHz (VGA) Floating/disconnected = 15KHz (TV)
7 selects format: Grounded = RGB; Floating/disconnected = Composite/S-Video
8 Vertical Sync (for VGA)
9 Horizontal Sync (for VGA)
10 Composite Sync
11 S-video Chrominance (C)
12 S-video Luminance (Y)
13 Composite Video
14 Blue (Use 220uf cap)
15 Green (Use 220uf cap)
16 Red (use 220uf cap)

None found.