DMS-59 pinout

59 pin DMS-59 connector layout
59 pin DMS-59 connector at the computer

DMS-59 is a 59-pin electrical connector
generally used for computer video cards. It provides two DVI/VGA outputs
on a single connector.

 The application for DMS-59 is to support a higher density of
video displays, in a similar amount of connector space to a DVI
connector. DMS-59 supports two DVI Single Link digital channels or two VGA analog
channels from a single connector. The compact size lets a half-height
card support two high resolution displays, and a full-height card (with
two DMS-59 connectors) up to four high resolution displays.

  Signal Name Input/Output   Signal Name Input/Output
1 GND Ground CASE GND Ground
2 VGA1_RED Out 31 DVI1_TX CLK+ Out
3 VGA1_BLUE Out 32 DVI1_TX CLK- Out
4 GND Ground 33 DVI_TX0 GND Ground
5 +5V Power 34 DVI_TX1 GND Ground
6 VGA1_SCL I/O 35 DVI_TX2 GND Ground
8 GND Ground 37 Reserved Reserved
9 VGA2_SDA I/O 38 Reserved Reserved
10 VGA2_SCL I/O 39 Reserved Reserved
11 +5V Power 40 DVI2_HPD In
12 GND Ground 41 DVI_TX2 GND Ground
13 VGA2_BLUE Out 42 DVI_TX1 GND Ground
14 VGA2_RED Out 43 DVI_TX0 GND Ground
15 GND Ground 44 DVI2_TX CLK- Out
16 DVI2_TX0+ Out 45 DVI2_TX CLK+ Out
17 DVI2_TX0- Out 46 GND Ground
18 DVI2_TX1+ Out 47 VGA2_GREEN Out
19 DVI2_TX1- Out 48 Reserved Reserved
20 DVI2_TX2+ Out 49 DVI2_CLK GND Ground
21 DVI2_TX2- Out 50 VGA2_HSYNC Out
22 Reserved Reserved 51 VGA2_VSYNC Out
23 Reserved Reserved 52 GND Ground
24 Reserved Reserved 53 Reserved Reserved
25 DVI1_TX2+ Out 54 GND Ground
26 DVI1_TX2- Out 55 VGA1_VSYNC Out
27 DVI1_TX1+ Out 56 VGA1_HSYNC Out
28 DVI1_TX1- Out 57 DVI1_CLK GND Ground
29 DVI1_TX0+ Out 58 Blocked Blocked
30 DVI1_TX0- Out 59 VGA1_GREEN Out

The DMS-59 connector is used by ATI, NVIDIA, and Matrox for video
cards sold in Lenovo Thinkcentres, Viglen Genies and Omninos, Dell, HP,
and Sun computers. Some confusion has been caused by the fact that
vendors label cards with DMS-59 as supports DVI, but the cards do not
have DVI connectors built-in. Such cards, when equipped with only the
VGA connector adapter cable, cannot be connected to a monitor with only a
DVI-D input. A DMS-59 to DVI adapter cable needs to be used with such monitors.

An adapter cable is needed for conversion from DMS-59
to DVI or VGA, and different types of adapter cables exist. The
connector is four pins high and 15 pins wide, with a single pin missing
from the top row, in a D-shaped shell, with thumbscrews.



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