Dell Inspiron/Latitude TV/Digital Audio Output pinout

7 pin mini-DIN female connector layout
7 pin mini-DIN female connector at the computer

Connector used on a number of models of Dell laptops containing composite video, S-video, and S/PDIF connections.


Pin Name
1 GND Ground
2 GND Ground
3 Y S-Video Luminance (Y)
4 C S-Video Chrominance (C) / Pb
5 N/C used as S/PDIF Ground in DELL Inspirion?
6 VIDEO Composite Video / Pr
7 GND used as S/PDIF Data in DELL Inspirion?

Pins 1, 2, and the shell are shorted together. It’s worth noting that
the assignments of pins 1-4 correspond directly to those of S-video.
This pinout comes from a dell adapter labeled 044CTV (confirmed to work
with a Dell Inspiron 7500), tested using a multimeter.

 Pins 3, 4, 6 are used for HD TV in YPbPr mode, tested on a Inspiron 1720 in full HD.
None found.